Health Ministry advice on keeping hydrated during hot spell

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Health Ministry advice on keeping hydrated during hot spellFollowing on from yesterday’s MetOffice warning of high termperatures for the next couple of days, the Ministry for Health has issued advice on the importance of keeping well hydrated during the hot summer months.

High temperatures cause water to be lost from the body at quick rates resulting in dehydration. It can also lead to heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

The heat can affect anyone but some people run a greater risk of serious harm including older people, babies and young children, people with chronic conditions and physically active people.

To avoid the effects of the heat wave it is important to:

• Keep out of the heat by avoiding any unnecessary exposure to the sun during hot periods of the day usually between 11.00am till 4.00pm;

• Stay cool by staying in the coolest parts of the home and work;

• Drink regularly to make up for the losses and eat more cold food;

• Seek advice if you have any concerns.

Photographs of Gozo in the sun by Alain Salvary.

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