Government opted for “rule of the jungle” in land use – AD

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Government opted for "rule of the jungle" in land use - ADCarmel Cacopardo, spokesperson on Sustainable Development and Home Affairs for Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, said in a statement today, “During the recent electoral campaign the Labour Party promised that it would be a party for developers.

“With yesterday’s press conference addressed by Parliamentary Secretary Michael Farrugia the Labour Party has fulfilled its electoral pledge after new procedures were announced through which development permits will be renewed automatically.”

Cacopardo continued, “with the automatic renewal of development permits issued after the 3rd August 2006, permits which have been expired for the past two years will be affected. In addition, permits which have been subject to the “normal” procedure for renewal but had the request denied by the Commission will also be renewed. Such cases will now be reopened in full defiance of the rule of law.”

“It is wrong to assume that once a permit was issued after the 3rd August 2006 it is in line with policies established in the Local Plans.” Cacopardo pointed out “a number of permits do not conform to the Local Plan policies. In this category one finds a number of permits approved during the period February-March 2008.”

“As a result of its decision Government has opted once more for the rule of the jungle in land use planning” Carmel Cacopardo concluded.

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