GTA welcomes news for alternative types of links to Gozo

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GTA welcomes news for alternative types of links to GozoThe Gozo Tourism Association in a statement this afternoon said that it “welcomes favourably the announcement by the Minister for Gozo, Dr. Anton Refalo, that alternative forms of accessibility to and from Gozo to Malta, and to neighbouring Islands, is high on the Gozo Ministry’s agenda.

“Government’s intention to issue calls for expression of interest for the operation of a scheduled air service and a catamaran service between Malta and Gozo, is ample proof of this priority.

“Furthermore,” the GTA continued, “the fact that plans are also in the pipeline for a catamaran service between Gozo and Sicily confirms that the Government fully understands the issue of accessibility to and from Gozo and is actively acting on it.”

The Gozo Tourism Association said that it “firmly believes that the future of the tourism industry on Gozo relies also on more accessibility to the Island. It is encouraging to note that all options, both the short term ones and the long term one, like the fixed link option, are being considered and worked on.”

“Since its inception way back in 1999, the Gozo Tourism Association has been harping on the introduction of other means of access to Gozo, as the Association is fully aware that increasing the accessibility to the island through, safe, sustainable, reliable and low cost links, will also open up other tourism opportunities, which will be beneficial to all concerned,” the GTA concluded.

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    3 Responses

    1. Mr Brightside says:

      If the GTA believe that there should be a fixed link between Malta and Gozo I feel it shows a fundamental misunderstanding as to why people want to come to Gozo.

      It is a unique destination, especially because it is separate from Malta, I hope that I never see this link be it bridge or tunnel.

      • Gozitan says:

        If you read the article well Mr Brightside, GTA never mentioned neither the bridge nor the tunnel but the airlink and the link between Gozo and Sicily

      • Mr Brightside says:

        I think you’ll find Gozitan that the reference to “fixed link option” in the 4th paragraph means bridge or tunnel between Malta and Gozo not Sicily and Gozo.

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