New University Centre to promote Entrepreneurial Culture

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New University Centre to promote Entrepreneurial CultureThe University of Malta’s new Centre for Entrepreneurship & Business Incubation (CEBI) has been set up to put knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship at the top of the University of Malta’s outreach agenda.

Its aims are to promote the development of a knowledge-intensive, entrepreneurial culture in Malta, with the wider aim of fostering the socio-economic development of the Maltese Islands. The Centre is currently targeting knowledge-intensive sectors such as science, technology, engineering, and creative media at the University of Malta and in the wider Maltese context.

The launch of CEBI took place this morning at the Valletta Campus. Present were Prof. Juanito Camilleri, Rector; Christian Cardona, Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business and Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment. Presentations were given by Dr Ing. Saviour Zammit, Director of CEBI, and Mr Ben McClure, Manager of the Business Incubator.

CEBI’s role is to provide hands-on education and training programmes for entrepreneurs in knowledge-intensive sectors. It aims to promote and catalyze the incubation of start-up companies in various sectors. In this respect, the CEBI Board will be providing strategic direction to the University of Malta’s new Business Incubator, which is to be co-managed together with the Knowledge Transfer Office.

Another important aim is to promote and facilitate the setting up of Start-Up Funds, Business Angel Networks (BANs) and Venture Capital Funds to finance new business ventures.

Starting in July 2013, CEBI will be running an Intensive Training Program (ITP) in Technology Entrepreneurship, which has been developed in partnership with Isis Innovation Limited – the technology transfer company of the University of Oxford.

The development of the ITP is part financed by European Social Funds (ESF) Project 1.125 ‘Creating a Knowledge Transfer Framework and Technology Entrepreneurship Training Programme’, which the Centre secured together with the Corporate Research and Knowledge Transfer Office of the University of Malta.

A Masters Programme in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship is also being launched, commencing in October 2013. Both the the Masters and ITP are aimed at graduates and professionals who aspire to launch successful knowledge-based entrepreneurial ventures.

During the launch Mr Benjamin McClure gave a presentation about the new Business Incubator which will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, experts, and investors to build a technology start-up hub in Malta.

Scheduled for launch this year in the heart of university campus, the University of Malta Business Incubator will be home to an exciting innovation spinout and accelerator program that helps researchers, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs create successful technology businesses – taking them from idea to investment and to launch.

By providing access to business advisors and mentors, training and education, office and shared space, and facilities, financing and other resources, the aim is to close the skills and resources gap experienced by entrepreneurs as they embark on their innovative start-up (ad)ventures.

For further information about Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation and the courses offered, please visit or contact Dr. Ing. Saviour Zammit on

For more information on Business Incubation, visit or contact Mr. Benjamin McClure on

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