Franco Mercieca stopping his private eye operations

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Franco Mercieca stopping his private eye operationsParliamentary Secretary Franco Mercieca has called a halt to his private eye operations. This follows reports made in some media that he was carrying our private operations that could earn him up to €3,600 in a single morning.

The Parliamentary Secretariat for rights persons with Disabilities and Active Ageing earlier this week said that, “Parliamentary Secretary Franco Mercieca declares he is keeping with the waiver granted to him and is in the stage of phasing out his private practice and will be stopping it totally by the beginning of September.”

The Secretariat went on to say, “This office is aware of at least a case of one patient who had to be sent abroad for surgery since he was not referred to Mr Mercieca, resulting in extra expense to the Maltese taxpayer. This leaves only the patients in question short-changed.

“Mr Mercieca while fully understands the responsibilities of his office remains committed to be of service to his patients. Meanwhile Mr Mercieca will continue to see patients at Mater Dei Hospital, including Sunday morning operations, without remuneration.”

This morning the Prime Minister, Dr Joseph Muscat said that Dr Mercieca had agreed to stop all his interventions immediately, which would avoid any misinterpretation.

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    1. J. V. Muscat says:

      Dr. Joseph Muscat: Change the code of ethics to allow the likes of Franco Mercieca and Dr. Joseph Cassar (who is now in opposition) and other professionals to continue in their practice as long as it does not interfere with their ministerial duties. It is stupid to lose specialists of this calibre. Is it fair that Dr. Cassar has to start his practice from scratch?

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