NTM welcomes Shark Finning Ban by the EU Parliament

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NTM welcomes Shark Finning Ban by the EU Parliament“Nature Trust Malta applauds the final mark for a new finning ban regulation.” The NGO said that it thanks the other ngos involved, Sharklab, Din l-Art Helwa, Greenhouse, Getupstandup and Sharkman’s world, the MInister and shadow Minister, “our MEPs and the general public who for 7 years have been lobbying, speaking out and finally making the decision to end sharkfinning.”

The NGO said, “This new regulation will see that sharks caught are landed at port in one whole, that is with fins and all. This will enable scientists to identify and keep track of shark speies caught and at the same time eliminate the possible abuse of sharks being sold as other fish at the markets in the EU countries.”

Nature Trust (Malta) said that it has been working very hard for many years. Through its lobbying Malta was one of the first European countries who granted protection to some shark species way back in the 1990s. This lead to other countries following this example.

Sharks are endangered and on the verge of extinction. Being on the top of the food chain if sharks were to disappear from our oceans the result could be catostropic. Sharks have been on this planet for millions of years before even mankind appeared. Millions of sharks are killed every year by man making their worst predator mankind rather than the other way round and many like to believe

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