Construction epidemic is destroying Gozo’s tourist trade

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Construction epidemic is destroying Gozo's tourist tradeReaders Letter – “It is my understanding that Gozo is making a real effort to attract tourists to the island for their main holiday – not just for a day trip from Malta. There has been a Government department set up, websites updated and infrastructure works carried out to make Gozo more attractive to holidaymakers.

Then why is all this excellent work being allowed to be ruined by major building works taking pace in Marsalforn during May when there are a large number of holidaymakers here?

Jack hammers are being used from 7am in the morning until 7pm in the evening. Outside bars are continually having to clean their tables from all the concrete dust, customers are having to shout at each other whilst trying to enjoy a drink overlooking the bay.

Concrete lorries and other heavy goods vehicles are continually moving in and out of the sea front area. It is impossible to have a conversation on the phone or in with a customer in a shop – and this surely is driving away customers from local businesses.

Updating and renovating the run down and shabby buildings is a great thing for Marsalforn and should continue, but why could someone not plan to do this noisy and at times, deafening work during the much quieter tourist months such as winter?

Gozo does not have a climate that would prevent this work taking place then. May is busy with tourists here and I know of several who have left apartments sooner than originally planned to continue their holiday on Malta where they hope it will quieter.

There appears to be no end to the major building works in sight as several individual projects are clearly under way simultaneously but as we move through the summer more tourists will arrive and more will be driven away.

Whoever is in charge of allowing the work to take place (be that the local council) really needs to plan more effectively and efficiently in order to make Marsalforn a welcoming place for those very holidaymakers who will invest their money here and not somewhere that will drive them away to Malta instead.”

Donna Hayler-Montague


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    10 Responses

    1. sammy says:

      @ Donna

      It is perplexing that you pointed out only the construction pollution and noise!

      I imagine that you were so angry, upset and disgusted, you forgot to point out the excessive fire works, cranes blocking streets for weeks, car horns and church bells ringing like crazy throughout summer.

      I observed this chaos and mayhem on my last visit. I needed another break when I returned home!

      I feel sorry for residents that suffer from asthma and migraines.


      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        For once I agree with you. I once stayed in a house that was next door to the church. Stupid I know but then when I booked the house they didn’t point that out. Coupled with that I had a rooster that started up at 1 am every morning and kept going accompanied by numerous dogs until around 5 am, and then at 6 am the church bells started. That was a great holiday!

    2. Dietmar Treptow says:

      Every year the same game .
      The don’t want it . Only the money !
      The second ” beach ” – very intelligent made by rubbish . cheap and enough for the tourists . the pebbles on the beach – NOBODY want this but the are still there .
      Speak to a wall , she will understand you . MTA and GTA has to act – but ….

    3. James A. Tyrrell says:

      I have to say Donna that anyone who chooses to have a meal in a noisy atmosphere filled with concrete dust deserves all they get. Gozo is a beautiful little island with many little gems of places to enjoy a quiet and relaxing meal or drink with beautiful views so you just move to another area and let Marsalforn get on with its work. No point in trying to point out the obvious to the authorities as they couldn’t care less.

      • Rev George Mercieca says:

        They have to care if they don’t want to reduce Marsalforn to an open air modern catacomb as they did with Xlendi!
        Rev. George Mercieca

    4. Peter says:

      @ James A. Tyrrell

      VERY WELL SAID !!!

    5. gina says:

      not the church bells thats the problem its the greed and dirty people thats the problem
      There needs to be more cleaning operations around the whole island (Malta desparately) I have more plastic bottles in the street around me litter than on a supermarket shelf disgusting ….If we let it be okay then ppl who visit here will think its okay to trash and burn!!

    6. Sammy says:

      That is something else I noticed on my last visit. How come household rubbish is put on the streets for collection in plastic bags and boxes and not in proper enclosed bins. With dogs, cats and rats roaming the streets day and night, no wonder you get a dirty country. Do you use a rubbish bin Gina??


      • Steve Madgwick says:

        The rubbish is collected daily. Picking up on the church bells comment, being in any village, (I was in Fontana throughout the feast), you will get church bells; a lot! For me it all adds to the charm of an island that enjoys every day and gets on with enjoying life rather than looking to complain about everything all the time. On of my favourite places to sit and relax with a coffe or a beer is the Tapei Bar in St Francis Square in Victoria. It is in equal measure busy, noisy and smelly,but I have yet found anywhere else that is as friendly, interesting and cheap!! Embrace the local culture,or go somewhere else, ultimately, the choice is yours. I fell out of love with Britain and moved here for the same reason. If we want to find something to complain about, we will find it, or we can let our blood pressure rest at a comfortable level and enjoy the positives of this wonderful little island

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Most people put their rubbish out every morning in a bag hung from a hook on the wall to stop cats and dogs getting to it.

        What I can’t understand is why in a country where it just takes a phone call to the local council for them to come and pick up your old fridge, people prefer to take it out into the countryside somewhere and dump it. I have even got a photo of one in the sea at Xlendi!

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