Banif Bank introduces its new limited-offer car loan rate

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Banif Bank introduces its new limited-offer car loan rateBanif Bank has announced that it has introduced a limited-offer car loan rate, with a discounted rate that starts from 5.7% p.a. Customers can avail themselves of a tailor made financial solution, whether they are considering buying their first car or wish to upgrade to a newer or bigger model than they currently own.

“Loans on second-hand vehicles are also available to clients and the offer is valid until end August 2013.”

The bank said that through the Car Loan from Banif Bank, customers can borrow up to 100 per cent of the value of the car if they are purchasing a new vehicle “and the only fee involved is a one-time processing fee. Clients also have the possibility of repaying the loan over a six-year period. If loans are repaid over a shorter period, customers do not incur any additional fees.”

“Banif is committed to regularly offering clients sound and affordable financial solutions that give them peace of mind,” said Dirk Spiteri Lucas, Head of Product and Strategy Unit, Banif Bank (Malta).

Terms and conditions apply. More information about the Car Loan from Banif Bank is available from the Bank’s website

Clients may also contact Customer Care on 2260 1000 from 08:00 to 20:00 daily and from 08:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays. Alternatively customers are welcome at Banif’s branches where the representatives will be happy to assist.

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    2 Responses

    1. Dex says:

      It looks good in principal and in small print Banif Bank, but does this only applies to the indigenous people of this country can a foreigner that pays 30-60% more in utility bills and also pays higher taxes here apply for these CAR< loans? would be interesting to know.

      • sammy says:

        You seriously think that Banif bank is doing it’s customers a big favour offering 5.7% rate!!! Take a look around you, many banks around the world are offering car loans at 0% . Why can’t Banif do it?


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