Senior Citizens Grant now to age 78 & 79 & EU/EEA citizens

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Serior Citizens Grant extended to those aged 78 and 79The Senior Citizens Grant, which is an Annual Grant of €300 from the Maltese Government to assist older people to remain independent, has now been extended to include those age 78 and 79 as well as those reaching 80* during 2013. (Backdated payments are not being made for those reaching 78 or 79 by 2012).

The grant is a one time payment but paid every consecutive year and is payable only to resident Maltese and other EU/EEA citizens and is not available to anyone in residential care of any type.

Criteria is based upon residency status only – It is not means tested.

New applications are considered once the above ages are reached. 2013 payment will be on a pro rata basis depending upon the date the eligible age is attained.

If you reach 78, 79 or 80 during 2013, you should apply when the eligible age is reached. To make an application TELEPHONE 159. Ask to apply for the grant.

Provide the requested details. You must give your ID number or eResidence Card number. You will be sent forms to complete and return. Payment of Eu300 will then be processed.

As the grant is awarded to persons having a permanent residency, citizens with ID Card or eResidence Card letter ‘A’ and ‘P’ have to apply every year to confirm that they are still living in Malta.

Payment will be effected by a means of a cheque addressed to the elderly person at his / her own residence or at the residence of the relatives with whom he / she is residing. Alternatively, it could be deposited in a bank account as provided by the elderly person.

In cases where the elderly person dies, no refunds are collected from the payment pertaining to the period after death however, refund will be collected in those cases where the elderly person stops residing in his or her own residence or with his / her relatives in their residence and starts receiving a fully funded state financed residential service or in any other residence not financed by the State, up to the end of the year.

This benefit is awarded:

(a) automatically to those elderly persons who receive a pension from the Department of Social Security.

(b) following a claim made by elderly persons who do not receive a pension from the Department of Social Security.

The application in English is available for download here.

The application in Maltese is available for download here.

Once you complete the application and you have all the required documents, you can send it by post to:

Department of Social Security Disability Pension Section 38, Ordnance Street, Valletta VLT 2000

Alternatively, you can also drop it at your nearest Social Security Office, see the list of offices here.


* If you applied for and received the 2012 Grant you do not need to re-apply. Payment will be credited to your bank account automatically annually, unless the scheme ceases.

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