Gozo’s St Joseph Home to become a home for the elderly

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Gozo's St Joseph Home to become a home for the elderlyThe Ministry for Gozo and the Gozo Diocese said in a statement today that they are both aware of the need for a home for the elderly, which will enable them to live life independently, in a wonderful environment, while also being given a quality service to be able to live a comfortable life.

For this purpose, the two institutions reached an agreement today whereby the Gozo Chuch will be renting the St. Joseph Home in Ghajnsielem to the Government for the use as a home for the elderly.

The Ministry for Gozo said it will take over its administration, at a rent that will be lower than the market value.

Both parties also agreed that the Gozo Diocese willl provide all religious services that are necessary, desirable or required by elderly residents in the home. These services include, among others, the celebration of two Masses every day in the morning and afternoon, pastoral exercises depending on the time of year, as well as festive celebrations and functions. For this purpose there will be a priest present for ten hours a day all year round.

For its part the Ministry for Gozo is planning to restructure, embellish and enhance the building of the home to create an environment that is more welcoming, comfortable and accessible. The Ministry said that it also wants to create recreation facilities and opportunities for the elderly.

The home will contain 70 rooms and 140 bed and all with the the wonderful views of Fort Chambray, Xatt l-Ahmar, the Gozo Channel across to Malta and the Gozo countryside.

The Ministry said that the home may also be able to take foreign elderly residents, which could start a new niche area in Gozo. Preliminary discussions have already started with foreign interests in this regard.

The agreement between the Ministry for Gozo and the Gozo diocese was signed by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry and the Administrative Secretary of the Gozo Curia in the presence of the Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo and Bishop Mario Grech.

They both expressed their great satisfaction in the successful conclusion of this agreement, saying that they will continue to cooperate with initiatives for the benefit of Gozitan society.

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    2 Responses

    1. John Edwards says:

      “they are both aware of the need for a home for the elderly”

      Gozo Age Concern have been campaigning for homes to be built for the elderly for some years, but have been totally ignored until now, thank goodness the authorities have finally woken up to this injustice.

      Praise must go to Fr Mario Cassar who has tirelessly led this campaign on behalf of GAC



    2. jason says:

      Good idea !! And it will definitely create work in the care industry.also it would solve problems in regards to elderley care
      BUT, is St. Joseph home big enough to house 140 residents (70 rooms) Is there going to be construction to make it bigger? If so, Is more virgin land, towards the unspoilt xatt l-ahmar, going to be taken for building?
      So what is all the buildings that are going up near Lourdes home going to be used for? word was going round that it was a home for the elderly?
      I would appreciate if someone gives us some answers.

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