Dog Training Made Easy – New Dogs Trust Malta campaign

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Dog Training Made Easy - New Dogs Trust Malta campaignFollowing the success of this year’s Free for all neutering and chipping initiative, Dogs Trust Malta have launched a new campaign about simple and positive dog training techniques to make life easy and fun for dog and owner alike.

The new campaign was launched by the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, Roderick Galdes, during the SPCA spring fair, held at Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, on Sunday, the 19th of May 2013.

This new Dog Training Made Easy campaign is headlined by local comedian Owen Bonnici, in the portrayal of his character “Freddie Hot-Pants,” who will appear alongside a lovely dog called ‘Peter.’

The video will be available on the campaign’s official website and shared online via Facebook and YouTube.

For this campaign, a new educational web-site, is being launched. This web-site will provide lots of information about dog training, in the form of training videos and detailed instructions.

Dog owners will also have the opportunity to contact Dogs Trust and request a free training booklet and clicker, which will then be sent to them by post.

Dogs Trust Malta’s successful campaigns over the past three years have greatly reduced the number of abandoned and stray dogs on Malta and Gozo. However animal abandonment due to behavioural issues remains a reality.

Research conducted by Dogs Trust Malta, in conjunction with SPCA, shows that almost half of the dogs brought to the SPCA are given up because their owners failed to understand them and could no longer accept their natural behaviour.

The main reasons cited are inappropriate toileting, misbehaviour while on the leash, excessive barking, destructive behaviour at home, fear, aggression and resource guarding.

“The lack of basic training such as sitting, walking well on the lead or recall, does not only make owners less willing to keep their dogs, but also makes the task of shelter workers and volunteers a very difficult one,” said Sarah De Cesare Dunkerley, Manager of Dogs Trust Malta.

Dogs Trust Malta will be giving out basic training tips and information on positive methods that can help owners teach their dogs to behave better. The aim of this campaign is to give dog owners a solution before resorting to abandonment.

Clicker training is a great way to communicate with your dog during training with rewards. Clicker training will also be covered by Dogs Trust’s Education Officer in school workshops and in Summer Schools.

The campaign will run until 19th August, and half-way through, Dogs Trust will give a more detailed focus on solving toileting problems.

Members of the public who wish to know more about positive dog training methods can visit or ask for more information by calling Dogs Trust Malta on 21 421 500 , 777 111 00 or 77 661 000 or by email to

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