Hunters refute claims made by Italian MEP Andrea Zanoni

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Hunters refute claims made by Italian MEP Andrea ZanoniIn a statement the Federation for Hunting and Conservation Malta (FKNK) and St. Hubert Hunters Malta (KSU) have refutted the claims made by Italian MEP Andrea Zanoni.

The MEP said earlier this week in the European Parliament, “that Malta has authorised Spring hunting on the basis of a derogation but the bag limit was reached in the first hours, not the first days of the season.”

Mr Zanoni said “this European Member State is taking Europe for a ride. Political parties promised everything during their campaigns for the recent general election including hunting. However, hunters in Malta shoot at everything that moves.”

The hunter said in their statement that “Italian anti-hunting fanatic Mr. Andrea Zanoni MEP, chairman of the LAC (League for the Abolition of Hunting) is an absolute liar and a fundamentalist.”

Referring to the video this week, the hunters said “Mr Zanoni is shown denouncing the Government of Malta and the Maltese hunters to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament. We absolutely refute Mr. Zanoni’s accusations as completely false and declare the anti-hunting extremist Mr. Zanoni to be a total fake.”

The hunters continued, “among other things, he asserted that the spring-hunting quota of birds was reached within the first ‘two or three hours of the first day of hunting’ and that the licensed hunters shot at all the birds, even the protected ones. These claims are pure calumny.”

“Just as shameful is his assertion that the Maltese Government is taking the EU Parliament, the EU Commission for the Environment and the ‘whole of Europe” for a ride (prende in giro).’ We trust that the Malta Government will take action as necessary to voice its strong protest against these unfounded lies,” the hunters added.

“We also hope that all Malta’s MEPs will express their concern about Mr Zanoni in the European Parliament,” the hunters concluded.

Italian MEP Andrea Zanoni’s responsibilites current and past responsibilities include: Officer on the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) conservation committee, Veneto (1994-1997); officer responsible for game, fish and environmental wardens for the WWF, Veneto (1993-1997); chair of the LAC (League for the Abolition of Hunting), Veneto, affiliated to the EFAH (European Federation against Hunting), since 2000; chair of the Paese Ambiente environmental association since 2004; volunteer game, fish and environmental warden for the LIPU (Italian League for the Protection of Birds), the WWF and the LAC since 1992.

Bird migration researcher for ISPRA (Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) since 2005.

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    1. anthony grech says:

      Mr zanoni only just a few words you better see what hunters do in your own country then comment about others.
      Buone gorno

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