3-year course on the study of food & nutritional sciences

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3-year course on the study of food & nutritional sciencesFood belongs at the heart of our culture and access to convenient, nutritionally beneficial, high quality food is today a major issue for consumers.

The University of Malta’s Faculty of Health Sciences is offering a three year course leading to a B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Applied Food and Nutritional Sciences. The full-time programme consists of a multidisciplinary study of food, nutrition and dietetics, drawing knowledge from a range of disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, geography and even business.

It addresses key issues concerning both producers and consumers, including aspects of manufacture and marketing, legislation, labelling and retail. Study topics include Food Technology, Food Safety, Food Composition, Analysis and Production, Food Policy and Microbiology, and a thorough understanding of Human Metabolism and Nutrition Science, with a focus on Health and Disease.

There are varied potential career paths after graduation due to the training and experience acquired during the three year programme. By taking on the option of an additional year at postgraduate level, one finds there are varied options which include training in a clinical environment to become a locally registered Dietitan.

Photograph – Alain Salvary.

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