16th Victoria International Arts Festival programme details

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Programme announced - Victoria International Arts FestivalThe organisers of the 16th edition of the Victoria International Arts Festival 2013 have announced the programme for this year’s edition. As in previous years the organisers have put together a sterling series of concerts that will regale audiences with the variety, styles and performers coming from seventeen different countries spanning three continents over a period of five weeks.

The opening concert will feature, as last year, the participation of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, which will also be in attendance for the final concert.

The hallmark of this Festival has always been high-powered chamber music of an extraordinary excellence. Over 140 composers will be performed. An added innovation this year is the inclusion of a mini-Baroque Festival within the larger framework.

For five consecutive evenings, Baroque music from Malta, England, France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia and the Low Countries will be performed by musicians experts in the field, most of it on period instruments.

The acquisition of a Baroque organ, very generously donated by Oxford scholar and organist Richard Vendome, and a harpsichord acquired through funding by eco-Gozo, is making this specialised genre possible.

The programme of events is as follows:

12 June – 15 July

Wednesday 12 June – Inaugural Orchestral Concert | Dejan Bogdanovich violin)/Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (leader: Marcelline Agius)/Joseph Vella (conductor) – Malta/Serbia (St George’s Basilica)

Thursday 13 June – Chamber Trio | Pierre Henri Xuereb (viola)/Vincent Beer-Demander (harp)/Fabrice Pierre (mandolin) – France (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Friday 14 June – Vocal Recital | Claire Massa (mezzo soprano)/Caroline Calleja (pianoforte) -Malta (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Saturday 15 June – Oden Ensemble | Alexis Demailly (trumpet)/Nicolas Valade (trombone)/Laurent Peziere (tuba)/Christophe Vella (percussion) – France (St George’s Basilica)

Monday 17 June – Royal Conservatoire Brass | Ben Hirons, Eoin Tonner, Holly Boddice, Gregor Beattie (trumpet)/Andrew McLean (horn)/Christopher Mansfield, Alex Trotter, Cillian O Ceallachain (trombone)/Gordon Seith (bass trombone)/Rachel Brown (tuba)/John Logan (leader) – Scotland (Il-Hagar Roof Top)

Tuesday 18 June – Violin and Accordeon Duo | Andrea Gajic/Djordje Gajic – Scotland/Serbia (St Francis Church)

Wednesday 19 June – Martinu Quartet | Lubomir Havlak (violin)/Libor Kanka (violin)/Zbynek Padourek (viola)/Jitka Vlasanková (violoncello) -CzechRepublic (St George’s Basilica)

Thursday 20 June – Pianoforte Recital |Young-Choon Park -South Korea (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Friday 21 June – Gordon Jacob Quintet | Helene Haak (recorder and sopranino)/Annekatrin Tharan, Anabelle Gensel (violin)/Linda Golle (viola)/Jakob Christoph Kuchenbuch (violoncello) -Germany (St George’s Basilica)

Saturday 22 June – Duo Mira | Olga Jørgensen (pianoforte)/Emil Huckle (violin) -Norway (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Sunday 23 June – Bliss Quintet | Klara Nazaj, Giulia Tavano (violin)/Ina Georgeva (viola)/Akos Kertesz, Frank Camilleri (violoncellos) – Italy/Hungary/Malta (Cittadella Hall)

Monday 24 June – Cincievski Trio | Nadia Debono (violin)/Gjorgji Cincievski (double bass)/Joanne Camilleri (pianoforte) – Macedonia/Malta (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Tuesday 25 June – Argotti Quartet | Maria Conrad, Nemanja Ljubinkovic (violin)/José Garcia Gutierrez (horn)/Philip Walsh (pianoforte) – Malta/Serbia/Spain (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Wednesday 26 June – Chamber Ensemble | Upper Austria (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Thursday 27 June – Pianoforte Recital | Pascal Mantin – France (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

A Week of Rare Baroque Music

Friday 28 June – Maltese Baroque | Gillian Zammit, Maria Frendo (sopranos)/Antoinette Camilleri(alto)/Laudate Pueri Choir (director: George Joseph Frendo)/Victoria Festival Ensemble (leader: Sarah Spiteri)/Joseph Vella (conductor) -Malta (St George’s Basilica)

Saturday 29 June – English Baroque | Richard Vendome (harpsichord/organ) – England (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Sunday 30 June – German Baroque | Kalypso Ensemble – Klara Nazaj, Vincenzo Picone, Riccardo Rossano, Giulia Tavano (violin)/Matthew Fenech, Ina Georgeva (viola)/Rahia Angela Awalom, Frank Camilleri, Akos Kertesz (violoncello)/Donata Paduano (violoncello)/Joanne Camilleri (continuo) – Italy/Malta (St George’s Basilica)

Monday 1 July – Scandinavian Baroque | L’État Libre de Neige – Cathrine Bothner-By (soprano)/Hans Olav Gorset (flutes)/André Lislevand (viola da gamba)/Ulrik Gaston Larsen (theorbo/Baroque guitar/Lars Henrik Johansen (harpsichord) – Norway (St George’s Basilica)

Tuesday 2 July – French Baroque | Musica Poetica London – Kate Conway (viola da gamba)/Claudia Norz (violin)/Oliver John Ruthven (harpsichord) – England (St George’s Basilica)

Wednesday 3 July – Mythos Trio | Giuliano Cavaliere (violin)/Rina You (violoncello)/Marios Panteliadis (pianoforte) – Italy/South Korea/Greece (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Thursday 4 July – The Composer Speaks Series | Alex Vella Gregory/Debutants’ Concert | Robert Buttigieg (trumpet)/Francis James Camilleri (pianoforte)/Marisa Galea (soprano) – Malta (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Friday 5 July – Marini Quartet | Roberto Meoni (clarinet)/Marco Corsini (violin)/Maurizio Fedi (bassoon)/Alessandro Barneschi (pianoforte) -Italy (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Saturday 6 July – Trio Rospigliosi | Rieko Okuma (flute)/Lapo Vannucci (guitar)/Luca Torrigiani (pianoforte) – Japan/Italy (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Sunday 7 July – Violoncello Duo | Lucie Kucharova/Massimo Favento – Czech Republic/Malta (St Augustine Church)

Monday 8 July – Violoncello and Pianoforte Recital | Daniel Veis/Helena Veisová -Czech Republic (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Tuesday 9 July – Archicantor Trio | Gianluca Alonzi sopranista)/Roberto Colavalle (contraltista)/Cesare Stoch (contraltista) – Italy/Poland (St George’s Basilica)

Wednesday 10 July – Österreich Ensemble fur Neue Musik Concert 1 | Andreas Schablas (clarinet)/Peter Sigl (violoncello)/Nora Skuta (pianoforte) – Austria (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Thursday 11 July – Österreich Ensemble fur Neue Musik Concert 2 | Andreas Schablas (clarinet)/Peter Sigl (violoncello)/Nora Skuta (pianoforte) – Austria (Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia)

Saturday 13 July – Siglo de Oro and Sam Corkin | Helen Lewis (soprano)/Tim Clifford Hill (alto)/Paul Bentley (tenor)/Patrick Allies, John Coates (bass)/Sam Corkin (saxophone) -England (St George’s Basilica)

Sunday 14 July – Portsmouth Cathedral Choir | David Price (Master of Choristers/Organist) -England (St George’s Basilica)

Monday 15 July – Closing Orchestral Grand Concert | Gillian Zammit (soprano)/Claire Massa (alto)/Cliff Zammit Stevens (tenor)/Nicholas Warden (bass)/Laudate Pueri Choir (director: George Joseph Frendo)/Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (leader: Marcelline Agius)/Joseph Vella (conductor) – Malta/England (St George’s Basilica)

Artistic Director: Joseph Vella

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