Saturday night in Victoria with music, dance and much more

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Saturday evening in Victoria made up of music and danceSaturday evening in Victoria saw a varied programme of entertainment for every age and every taste for ‘Lejlet Lapsi Notte Gozitana 2013.’

Visitors were treated to song, dance and theatre – modern, traditional, angelic and choral.

‘Angelic Inspirations’ was an animated soiree of music, song and dance which featured original music by Mario Caruana. Organised by the Don Bosco Oratory and took place at the Bishop’s Curia Courtyard, Republic street.

There was also a choral concert by Chorus Urbanus which took place at the San Gakbu Chapel, Independence Square.Saturday evening in Victoria made up of music and danceTraditional folk music by various local groups was performed later on Saturday night in alleys and squares of the old part of Victoria.

St.George’s Square, Victoria was the venue for a ‘Chillout’ area with The Quest and and Cash & Band.

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