Gozo-Graffiti – Do we need it and who is responsible for it??

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Gozo-Graffiti - Do we need it and who is responsible for it??Readers Letter – “It used to be that the colour on this island came from the beautiful flowers which seem to bloom all year round in one form or another, the sea and the sky, the merging of the lovely honey coloured buildings with brightly coloured windows, shutters and doors. Gozo-Graffiti - Do we need it and who is responsible for it??Now, other, not so harmonious, aggressive and harsh colours are appearing on the ancient, honey-coloured walls of old farmhouses and other buildings, i.e. graffiti. Why?

While I am aware that graffiti can be an enhancement – I think of one horrible concrete wall in Malta which is covered in a magical picture. However the type of graffiti appearing in Gozo is the sort one finds in the shadiest of areas in all big cities and certainly does nothing to improve the image of Gozo.

Who is responsible for the recent spate of ugly graffiti now defacing so many buildings in Gozo? I am sure it must be fun to have a huge free ‘canvas’ available to spray paint on, but imagine what it must be like if it was your honey-coloured wall which you had just lovingly built or restored?

Are the authorities doing anything to apprehend and stop this idiot before he takes it into his head to “beautify” the newly refurbished bastions of the Citadel?

Yes, we have gleaned a lot of knowledge from ancient graffiti, the Bushmen cave paintings in South Africa spring to mind. Closer to home, the etchings of boats on the church above Hondoq in Qala. However, surely today, with Internet and other social networks, it is no longer necessary for ignoramuses to deface buildings with their mostly illegible messages!

I sincerely hope the present authorities take note and put a stop to it.”

Lesley Gail Kreupl,


Photographs by J. Walsh.

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    26 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      This is something that needs to be stopped in its tracks immediately before it seriously damages the tourist trade to the island. Who in their right mind would want to walk around an island with this sort of thing around every corner. The other problem is that somewhere right now some other fool is looking at this and thinking I can do better than that!

    2. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      To James A.Tyrrell, I agree 100 % ,we immigrate from our country to work and live
      a better life,not go to slapp Graffiti on walls under bribges, urinate and the Government
      instead of duing something about it like deport them back where they came came
      from,instead use citizens tax money to paint and cover all that Graffiti.

    3. Mario says:

      WHY NOT ???????????

    4. Anthoney says:

      I think these people are artists and want to show what they can do but unfortunately they are going about it the wrong way, because as the picture shows clearly it is absolutely the wrong place to have such graffitti. These people’s creativity can be used in better ways. Look at the mosaic wall that was made in Mgarr near the ferry it is really nice.

    5. Enie Portelli says:

      Malta should get out of the EU if the Maltese people really want to preserve it. The Dutch were very smart to refuse entry into the EU. Malta has gone to hell since being part of the EU. Have you ever stopped to look at the Malta sea thats not as blue as it once was or how about the exhaust fumes all those big boats bring in. Your no longer safe to swim or eat fish.

      • Peter says:

        Ms Portelli that’s why Malta should remain in the EU.

        Who told you that the Dutch are not in the EU ???
        The Dutch were among the six founding members of the European Coal and Steel Community, which evolved into the EEC (Common Market) and later the European Union.

        First of all the EU had funded the building of four sewage treatment plants one of them in Gozo . Those plants enable all sewage in Malta and Gozo to be treated before it is piped out into the sea. About 70,000 cubic metres of treated sewage effluent are being produced daily by those sewage treatment plants across Malta and Gozo.

        Secondly because of those sewage treatment plants around Malta and Gozo the result is less polluted sea so you should be safer than ever to swim in the Maltese sea and healthier to eat fish and all this is because of the EU’s help.

        This is a feature on you tube about two of the sewage treatment plants build in Malta

        Please can you explain how did you combine this subject about Gozo graffiti with the EU ??????

      • Enie Portelli says:

        Because of the EU, people who never heard of Malta are parking themselves there and will change Malta into their lifestyles. Malta I am told by someone who recently vacationed there looks like an overbuilt prison thanks to the EU. Your also dillusional if you think thats its safe to swim and eat fish with all those major boats coming in since joining the EU. Life is so bad in the EU that people whose countires joined the EU are fleeing. So wake up Malta. Keep Malta conservative and don’t turn it into liberal non religios garbage

      • Peter says:

        People can you hear ? Is this person talking seriously ????

        Enie Portelli said,’ Keep Malta conservative and don’t turn it into liberal non religios garbage ‘.

    6. Carmel says:

      @ Enie Portelli

      If you want to get out of the EU it’s very simple, EMIGRATE TO AFRICA !!!

      • enie portelli says:

        If the EU is so great, why are people in the EU fleeing to come and settle in Malta? I have never seen graffiti before Malta joined the EU. A man who recently vacationed there told me that Malta looks like an overbuilt prison.

      • Carmel says:

        So what ? If people in the EU are fleeing to Malta still are in the EU territory .

        What are you saying that the EU is the cause of Graffiti in Malta ?

      • enie portelli says:

        The people who are fleeing their countries have been in the EU for a long time and the result has been terrible. These countries have seen their property value plunge. Malta has only been part of the EU for several years and the same thing will happen to Malta unless Malta removes itself from the EU.

      • Carmel says:

        You don’t know nothing about Malta because property value in Malta is one of the highest if not the highest in Europe. Property prices began to rise more than 25 years ago well before Malta had joined the EU.
        So how can people in the EU are fleeing to come and settle in Malta as you said earlier because these countries have seen their property value plunge if Malta’s property is one of the highest in Europe ???

      • enie portelli says:

        A very educated man told me that he can’t wait to see Malta for the first time. When he came back after Malta joined the EU, he told me that sadly Malta looks like an overbuilt prison

      • enie portelli says:

        There was never any graffitti before Malta joined the EU. All I am saying is that Malta’s deterioation started when it joined the EU .

      • Paul Azzorpardi says:

        What makes you think it is the EU’s fault that Malta is an overbuilt prison. Maybe you should look at your own people and then you will se the true reason. We are quick to blame developers and EU for our island being overbuilt but we also played a role and that is selling our old houses in need of renovation as development sites because we know that we can sell them at much higher prices (10x more) to developers than selling them at lower prices to ordinary people so they can renovate. It is our fault that the island is overbuilt, we cannot complain because we got our cash, its the same as complaining about your health being damaged from the cell antennae on your roof when you willingly chose to install it because the mobile company will pay you a large sum. Not defending the EU, it is responsible for a lot of problems in Europe but blaming it for all of Malta’s problems is like blaming Malta for all of the EU’s problems.

      • Peter says:

        @ Paul Azzorpardi

        VERY WELL SAID !!!!

    7. lesley kreupl says:

      @ enie portelli
      With your attitude and knowledge (or lack thereof) I am surprised you know any educated people! I suggest you read the international newspapers – if you can read – or go back to school if not.

    8. mickh911 says:

      I suggest you look at this link enie portelli, the fact is most of the graffiti is in maltese, so obvious to me that it was done by locals ! this is photographic evidence that it been happening for hundreds of years, what evidence do you have to prove the EU is to blame ? https://www.google.com.mt/search?q=old+graffiti+in+malta&hl=en&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=zB6XUcGtCLCM7AbCqYGgDw&ved=0CEsQsAQ&biw=1024&bih=643

    9. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      Discourage Gozo -Malta Graffiti,because the people think it is just waist of time and there is no value,only the people that imigrate to the Islands,want to make look
      like where country they came from,dirty dirty dirty

    10. Peter says:

      Mr.Magro if Graffiti are of artistic value why should discourage artists who want to show their artistic talent ???
      Local councils in Gozo should allocate abandoned walls where those young artists can show their artistic expressions.

    11. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      I been away from Gozo & Malta for the last 60 years so I should be preaching to the
      country that I make my livlyhood ,because we have a lot more ,for instance you have
      a garage and you spend j lot of time painting the double size beautiful ,and you
      finally finish the expensive the artistic job you have done ,and after a night full sleep,
      wake up proud to take your wife your admire the beautifull job that you have done
      and find that the Graffiti artist had done his artistic Grafiti job done on top of it .

      • bradly says:

        Ok so what are you saying then, or what’s the problem then? why not place a CCTV its the thing now a days and very reasonable priced, then you’ll know who the real Rembrandt is, and make them clean it all up legally.

      • Peter says:

        So you are away from Malta for the last 60 years how can you pretend to find Gozitans with the same mentality that you had in Gozo 60 years ago ???
        Gozitan youths can better express themselves and waste their energy in the artistic values like painting Graffiti on permitted spaces than using drugs.

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