Dog Walk in remembrance of Star with WEEAC – Malta

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Dog Walk in remembrance of Star with WEEAC - MaltaWorld Event to End Animal Cruelty Malta is organising a ‘Dog Walk in Remembrance of Star,’ on Sunday, the 19th of May, starting at 6.00pm.

The walk starts from the front of the Preluna Towers in Sliema, the walk will go on to St Julians and stop at the ‘Love’ monument.Dog Walk in remembrance of Star with WEEAC - MaltaStar, was a mixed-breed dog, rescued near Ghar Hasan after having been shot, bound and buried alive.

Her story shocked not only the Maltese people, but people worldwide after her plight was shown in the international media of many countries and offers of a home for her came flooding in.

40 gunshot pellets were removed from her head in a lengthy operation, but she appeared to be slowly recovering. A new home was found for her, for when she was fully recovered. However, tragically, she never made that last journey to a new home, as she suffered an acute inflammation in her pancreas and died in June 2011.

WEEAC organisation was founded in February 2011 and the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with many countries, including Malta, as well as organisations now involved and more signing on every day. They don’t ask for your money, they only ask for people’s time and to be a voice for the animals.

WEEAC stands for Worldwide Events to End Animal Cruelty and they are about the joining together of people and organisations. To work united together, as one loud voice across the world.

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    1. Daniela says:

      Please join us on the 19th of May in remembrance of star, the poor dog that was shot and buried alive by a Maltese animal hater, and against cruelty to all animals not just on the islandS. but everywhere in Europe mainly. Thank You.

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