Vodafone Malta works hand in hand with Arka Foundation

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Vodafone Malta works hand in hand with Arka FoundationThe Vodafone Malta Foundation has recently worked hand in hand with the Arka Foundation and sponsored much needed new medical equipment for their residents and clients. This equipment will help the Arka Foundation residents live a better life, and it will releiving the Foundation since it requires constant financing to maintain its ongoing project.

“This project is yet another initiative by the Vodafone Malta Foundation whose main aim is to support the community in which we work,” said Gemma Mifsud Bonnici, Chairperson of the Vodafone Foundation. “The Foundation is proud to be intrumental in the realisation of this project, seeking always to give something back to the community and making people’s lives just that little bit better.”

The Arka Foundation in Gozo is an organisation which has been caring for persons with special needs for the past 12 years. Over the years, it has provided various services to a large number of disabled people and their families. Originally, when Dar Arka was inaugurated, the main purpose was to deliver a respite service.

With huge investment, through several projects sponsored by the Vodafone Malta Foundation, Arka Foundation now offers other therapeutic facilities not just for those living at Dar Arka, but even for those who need to make use of specialised equipment such as the Multi Sensor Studio, the Gym, the Darkroom and the Playing Field.

The new equipment, sponsored by the Vodafone Malta Foundation, including crutches, walking frames, wheel chairs and ripple mattresses are not only used at Dar Arka but can also be loaned to those people who develop a temporary disability or to those who cannot afford to buy the necessary equipment.

“We have always found the support of Vodafone Malta Foundation in the projects that we have previously embarked on,” said Dun Manwel Curmi, Director of the Arka Foundation. “Recently we have decided to collaborate on another project, that of buying new specialised equipment for people in need and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Foundation for supporting us along the years.”

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