Delegation of over 40 Chinese Mayors visit Gozo on tour

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Delegation of over 40 Chinese Mayors visit Gozo on tourA delegation of over forty Chinese Mayors recently spent time in Gozo for a cultural tour. This trip took place on the initiative of the Malta China Friendship Society Foundation, with the delegation led by former MP Reno Calleja.

During their visit the Chinese were given the opportunity to visit different areas of Gozo. They also met up with Gozitan Mayors, who siezed on the opportunity to establish new contacts for the future.

The Minister for Gozo, Dr. Anton Refalo, welcomed the Chinese delegation at a meeting held in the conference hall within the Ministry for Gozo. The Minister gave his thanks to the organisers of this event as well as the Chinese delegation.

He said that “the current Government has always had close relations with China and promised that during this administration he will work closely with China’s Ambassador to improve the relationship between the island of Gozo and the great country of China in order to increase trade between the two parties.”

The Mayors from Gozo and China exchanged mementos from their respective localities to mark the occasion.

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    5 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Oh yeah, that’s just what Gozo needs, and increase in trade with China! Don’t you think there is enough dangerous Chinese made rubbish in the country without making it easier for them to bring in more? Europe as a whole should ban all imports from China and make it a criminal offence for anyone to sell them, that way we would all be safer.

    2. Pete Bullen says:

      James, I’m not sure that you live it the real world at all. The Maltese economy is heavily dependent on tourism and the fastest growing tourist sector in the world is tourists from China. If we don’t get them coming here they will go elsewhere and spend their money. Bring in the Chinese, we need their money and should make them welcome not offer up knee-jerk phobic reactions.

    3. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Knee-jerk phobic reactions! People are dying because of this race and the crap they export all over the world. Most of the animals that are becoming extinct are doing so because the Chinese like to use some part of their body to make their stupid useless medicines out of. I hate the country with a passion and the last thing Europe needs to be doing is inviting them here.

    4. Walter Sultana says:

      Walter From Mississauga Ontario Canada

      I fully agree with PETE BULLEN on this Subject .Tourists in Malta, are just like having Money in the Bank .,,,,,,,,,,,GOZITAN

    5. Mr Brightside says:

      James this is pure racism, yes they they export a lot of rubbish but only because we demand it and yes some animals are endangered because of Chinese so called medicine but not “most” animals. People are people the world over never mind the colour of their skin, their race or religion…..we mustn’t discriminate against people because of their government or because of the behaviour of some of their population. If Chinese mayors and their citizens want to come to Gozo then great ….the world is too small for racist bickering.

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