Qala Council reiterates its opposition to Qala Creek Project

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Qala Council reiterates its opposition to Qala Creek ProjectThe Qala Local Council has issued a statement today saying that it remains consistent in its position as it has it has done during the last eleven years, i.e. that it is against the Qala Creek Project.

The Council added that this sentiment was also reflected in a referendum held in the village in 2002 where 85% of residents clearly showed that they do not agree with this project.

The Council said that it believes that such development of Hondoq is not sustainable and would not be of any benefit to the people of Qala.

The Council added that it still believes that there is an opportunity for the regeneration of this area as a natural park.

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    2 Responses

    1. Paul Buttigieg says:

      Just to clarify: The decision that is going to be taken next Thursday by MEPA
      Appeals Board, if a decision is reached, is whether the new plans submitted by
      the developers are to be considered. If accepted, then in my opinion a new EIA
      MUST be submitted due to the excessive changes proposed. If the new plans are
      not accepted, then we have to wait for the old plans and reports to be taken to
      the MEPA board for a decision. A saga of 11 years…

      Hope that the recommendations and reports submitted by the previous Qala Local Council will be considered, accepted and eventually this mega-project will be rejected.

      Paul Buttigieg
      Ex Qala Mayor

    2. Anthoney says:

      well done Qala Local council .Now who is in favour pls let us know

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