‘Think’ with Insects, Fitter People, 3D Maps and Diamonds

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'Think' with Insects, Fitter People, 3D Maps and DiamondsManhattan, Chicago and San Francisco are mapped in gorgeous 3D, now Malta has joined their ranks. Dr Saviour Formosa has coordinated a €4.4 million EU-funded ERDF project to map Malta like never before and will be freely available this June.

The project can help Malta develop better disaster relief plans to save lives.

This story is covered in the research magazine ‘Think,’ of the University of Malta, now available at all newsagents. Other stories cover how University graduates are excelling in Bahrain and how a 100-word idea might change Malta.

Researchers are also trying to answer: how can economics make us fitter and happier? Turning peoples’ assumptions on their head, a new field in economics is attempting to understand how people make choices. By using this information to rebuild consumer trust, citizens should spend more responsibly which will help dampen future financial crises and might solve the obesity epidemic.

Locally, most people speak Maltese and English. Past fears indicated that bilingualism could confuse children and that they wouldn’t speak properly. Overwhelming evidence is showing how bilingualism could be giving our children an advantage for the rest of their lives.

University academics talk about challenges in IVF, continuing the discussion from previous issues. While others discuss new services that women need to compete fairly in academia. On the other hand, students are researching earthquake monitoring in Xemxija and how diamonds might be used in computers.

The magazine also covers local research into insects. Some are loved while others, like the Asian Tiger mosquito, are feared. Over 6,000 insect species could inhabit Malta.

‘Think’ may be picked up for free in newsagents around Malta and Gozo and in Agenda bookstores, viewed on Issuu, downloaded here, followed on Twitter or liked on Facebook.

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