• Marsa’s Boiler no. 8 to resume operating in coming hours
  • Published on Tuesday, 26, March, 2013 at 15:02 in Malta News | 1 Comment

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    Marsa's Boiler number 8 to resume operating in coming hoursBoiler number eight at Marsa Power Station is expected to resume operating in the coming hours, following four months of maintenance works to the boiler.

    In a statement from the Government this afternoon it said that the boiler will not be be operating at its maximum capacity, which will result in some smoke in the Marsa area for the following two days

    Once the boiler is up to full capacity the process of maintenance works on Boiler number seven will get underway.

    Enemalta said that maintenance on boiler number seven is expected to take between two and three months, after which it will be kept on standby for the peak demand of the summer period.

    The Government said that it “remains committed to decommissioning the Marsa power station as well as the old Delimara power station, known as Phase 1, according to European requirements.”

    To date, as part of this process, boilers three, four, five and six have already been decommissioned, the statement said.

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      Solar and wind power do not smoking !

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