Kempo Arnis Federation members at Slovenia training camp

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Kempo Arnis Federation members at Slovenia training campEight members of Kempo Arnis Federation Malta recently attended a training camp in Novo Mesto, Slovenia which was organised by Shihan Borut Kincl, 7th dan black belt.

Shihan Kincl is the founder and chief instructor of Kempo Arnis Federation and also instructor to the Slovenian special forces and military. The Maltese team, which is originally from Gozo, represented Malta at the camp, with among others Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the Canary Islands.

The three day training camp was constructed to cover basic, intermediate and advanced levels in various topics which included stand up (kicking and punching range), trapping, grappling and ground fighting, Kyusho jitsu (pressure point application), stick fighting and sparring (long range), to middle range including stick grappling and knife fighting.

Training also included tactical body guarding techniques, Okinawan Karate Kata and realistic kata bunkai.

There was also a lecture on how meridians work in Chinese medicine in the constructive cycle and a lecture from the head of martial arts section in the University of Sports on training under stressful conditions, how to improve performance and nutrition.

In October 2013 KAF Malta will also be hosting a seminar where Shihan Kincl will be teaching similar topics.

For more info regarding KAF Malta contact Sensei Joseph Portelli +356 7906 9720.

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