Hunting days, times and quotas to be the same as last year

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Hunting days, times and quotas to be the same as last yearFollowing Saturday’s Ornis Committee recommendations on spring hunting dates, the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries and Animal Rights, Roderick Galdes has confirmed that the hunting season will open on the 10th of April and close on the 30th of April, 2013.

The Parliamentary Secretary said that days, times and quotas for hunting this season will be the same as in 2012 as there was not enough time for the Government to commision technical studies for any proposed changes, which would take weeks to complete.

It will eliminate the payment of € 50 for a special license for spring hunting and hunters will not need to wear arm bands as they had in the last three years.

“The law enforcement process will be strengthened and there will be active participation in the assitance of this by the FKNK,” the Secretariat said that any infringements will not be tolerated.

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