Photographic Exhibition by Alain Salvary at the Cittadella

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Photographic Exhibition by Alain Salvary at the CittadellaA photographic exhibition by Alain Salvary is currently being held at the Cittadella Centre for Culture & Arts in Victoria.

Alain, who settled in Gozo from his native France, is showing an exhibition of 19 framed photographs that were taken during this year’s carnival festivities in Gozo.

“They symbolize a way of life for me through the various choreographies and colours of the pictures I took on this beautiful island. They evoke my feelings, a feeling of life where harmony is not a word, but an everyday reality.” Alain said, “Colors, sun, sea, beaches, beautiful landscapes, happiness and kindness of Gozitans that have been part of my daily life for over a year. Your carnival evokes it all.”

The exhibition is open to the public until Sunday, the 14th of April.

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