“Illegal trapping is already rife on Gozo” – Readers Letter

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"Illegal trapping is already rife on Gozo" - Readers LetterDear Sir, “I have received the attached photographs showing illegal (almost certainly for finches) trapping on Gozo – or preparations for the same – taken by a Gozitan colleague on Saturday the 23rd of March 2013.

The lower photograph of the two was taken beneath the rubbish dump at Xaghra.

This confirms to me other reports that I have received from tourists of rampant unpoliced trapping on the island of Gozo.

A fine start to a new period of government.”

Best regards,

David Conlin Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

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    18 Responses

    1. Mr Brightside says:

      Not a surprise ….if you go on the signed posted Wied il-Miela? Country walk from Gharb you’ll practically trip over the nets, cables and frames used for trapping, that is if you’re not shot by an illegal hunter first!

      Hopefully we can rely on our new minister Mr Anton Refalo to prove he has the guts to deal with these people before there are no birds and no tourists left.

    2. lesley kreupl says:

      The area around St. Anthony’s Battery near Qala was crawling with bird trappers and hunters today. Lots of lovely little birds fluttering frantically in minute cages and nets spread all over the flattened garigue. The hunters and trappers were promised the earth by the President himself before the EU referendum, and again by Muscat a couple of weeks ago, so I suppose one cannot blame them.
      However, I detest and abhor this form of ‘culture’ – in my book it has nothing to do with culture, but is simply a primitive need for control, possibly relating to masculine insecurity and hormone imbalance. Poor guys, maybe we should feel sorry for them!

    3. Mr Brightside says:

      I think you’re right Lesley ….I’m glad I have pretty well balanced hormones…..one wonders if they need to abuse small birds what they do to their wives, girl friends and children!

      • Mario says:

        Mr Brightside I am against hunting or trapping but I can’t understand how you can compare the killing of small birds with something much more serious that is abusing of females and children.
        Can you have some compassion for these people that have experienced this problem and some of whom can at this moment read your comment ?
        Can you express your opinion without harming anyone with your writing ?
        So next time please look at the BRIGHTSIDE and write how you can convince those people to stop the killing of so wonderful birds.

      • Mr Brightside says:

        There is no comparison made …..read my words ….my comments are my agreement with Lesley that hunters probably have some type of masculine insecurity problem ….the same type of problem that men who abuse their wives and children have. In no way do I say that the offences are similar.

      • Mario says:

        Mr. Brightside you said that ‘hunters probably have some type of masculine insecurity problem the same type of problem that men who abuse their wives and children have’. You said ‘THE SAME TYPE OF PROBLEM’ so you are confirming that the offences are the same.
        Mr.Brightside your mistake is to repeat the same comment. With your invalid argument you are going to change peoples mind that hunters and trappers have some good reasons to practice their so called hobby.

      • Mr Brightside says:

        With due respect Mario I do wonder if you are actually reading what I write and not just what you think I am writing. Anyway enough is enough with you. I commented on here not to argue with you but to point out the high levels of illegal trapping on Gozo and to support Lesley in her views. Which I have done. The moral argument is won but Mario I really don’t understand where you are coming from so I keep my opinions which are valid and if you truely are anti hunting and trapping then fight that cause and not me! Good bye.

    4. lesley kreupl says:

      @Ray Muscat
      Yes I could go back to my country, but why should I? I love Gozo with all my heart and soul and it just makes me very sad and annoyed to see people (like you perhaps?) systematically destroy what little is left of the fauna and flora on this beautiful island. It is not for my children (I don’t have any) that the environment should be protected, but for yours!

      • Mr Brightside says:

        Well said Lesley, unfortunately xenophobes like Ray don’t appreciate that borders are irrelevant these days especially within Europe, your home, my home and Ray’s home can be anywhere in Europe and when we are talking about the shooting or trapping of migratory birds much the same applies. A man with a gun or a net has absolutely no moral right to trap or kill the fauna of this continent any more than they have the right to tell you to leave Malta.

      • David Mackey says:

        That’s the problem with socialism..No borders, no national identity, all traditions from the past forgotten at the altar of political correctness and the environment. Your leaders kneeling to the whims of the European big shots when know nothing about Malta or its people and traditions and don’t care. Watch out… next you will be like the United States, and will be forbidden to wear a cross around your neck because you might offend a Muslim, or won’t be able to build a house for your family on land you own because of restrictions by tree huggers “saving” the planet. Little by little you lose your country. Don’t listen to mister bright side…think of you family and you traditions.

      • Ray Xerri says:

        Hunting and trapping is our tradition – its practiced in our PRIVATE land we buy or rent. Thank god the US laws arent he same as those of Malta. Go and roam where you come from and complain on your countries newspapers.

      • Mr Brightside says:

        What have the US laws got to do with anything? Bear baiting, cock fighting, human sacrifice, cannibalism etc were all traditions in countries somewhere …..if you practice these things on your own or rented land that makes them alright? I think even you Ray couldn’t accept that that was right and nor in my opinion and the opinion of a growing number of Maltese people is hunting and trapping right.

      • Ray Xerri says:

        Sour grapes, a handful of losers like you who come to Malta because you’re most probably not wanted in your own country won’t stop us. Answer me this, is abortion legal in your country??? Killing of humans? Bunch of expats with inverted principles.

      • Mr Brightside says:

        Who’s an expat?

    5. Mario says:

      Mr. Brightside I read perfectly what you wrote in fact I’m glad that you proved me right as you said ‘the moral argument is won’. Our friendly argument was only about morality. On the other hand my opinion remains the same that is against illegal hunting and trapping.

      Happy Easter Mr. Brightside.

      • Mr Brightside says:

        Happy Easter Mario, I still think you misunderstood what I said but hey you’re a gentleman….the best of luck to you and hopefully I’ll come across you sometime in Gozo and we can continue our discussion. Finally i would like to quote our new Pope in his first Easter message when he called on all people to be “responsible guardians of creation.” Let’s hope that the god fearing shooters and trappers of Malta pay heed to this message.

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