Mapdot- Grundtvig LifeLong Learning meeting held in Gozo

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Mapdot- Grundtvig LifeLong Learning meeting held in GozoA Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnership meeting was held in Gozo last week. This was its second meeting and those attending included delegates from Malta, Slovakia, Turkey, Wales and Poland.

The Grundtvig project is a framework for practical co-operation activities between organisations working in the field of adult learning in the broadest sense – formal or informal. Compared with the larger Grundtvig multilateral co-operation projects, which are generally more product or outcome-oriented, the partnerships focus more on process and aim to broaden, in particular, the participation of smaller organisations wishing to include European co-operation in their education activities.

In a Grundtvig Learning Partnership trainers and learners from at least three participating countries work together on one or more topics of common interest to the co-operating organisations. This exchange of experiences, practices and methods contributes to an increased awareness of the varied European cultural, social and economic scene and to a better understanding of areas of common interest.

The participating organisations are encouraged to monitor and evaluate their transnational work and to interconnect it with the initiatives of their local community. They are also encouraged to cooperate with organisations and authorities at the national level, to ensure a sound basis for their ideas and activities and open up channels for dissemination.

This will maximise the value of the transnational exchange, promote the circulation of good practice, and thus ensure the wider impact of results.

The Gozo meeting focused on inclusive education in crafts, art and sports for people with special needs.

The participants were also given the opportunity to view the island and went on various educational and cultural visits around Gozo.

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