Year 6 Gozo College pupils learn about Health and Safety

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Year 6 Gozo College pupils learn about Health and SafetyHealth and Safety Department teachers, recently organised a hands-on experience for all Year 6 Gozo College pupils. This out-of-school session on health and safety in the home took place in a typical Gozitan farmhouse situated in the picturesque village of Gharb.

Various settings in the farmhouse were used so that the children could be made aware of the different hazards found in and around the house and how these risks can be eliminated or minimised.

The focus for the tuition was mainly on the kitchen-dining-living, pool/BBQ/garden area, bedroom and bathroom. These areas were equipped with all potential hazards that are normally found in such places, as well as safety gadgets and signs.

Apart from this, the children were also given advice on how everyone can enjoy a better quality of life by taking care of their health, as well as through Education and Sport.

The issue of a society exerting less pressure on the environment was also emphasised by explaining and discussing various topics such as: air quality, energy, water and waste.

The students were divided into groups and were able to take part in games and quizzes, making it a fun way to evaluate the session.

This event was held as part of the eco-Gozo Action Plan where one of its objectives is to achieve a stable and healthy environment for an improved quality of life.

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