Labour Party landslide with around 55% of the votes

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Labour Party claim victory with around 55% of the votesThe first count of votes indicate that Labour has won the 23rd General Election with a majority of approximately 55%. Party Agents are predicting that this will be a record majority win.

Outgoing Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has already officially conceded defeat.

Fireworks can be heard going off across Gozo, making this Sunday sound like a Feast day.

Carcades have also started around the island celebrating a landslide victory for Labour.

Celebrations are also already in full swing at the Labour Party Club in Independence Square, Victoria. Large crowds are also gathering in St Francis Square.

The Nationalist Party Leader Dr Lawrence Gonzi announced this afternoon that he would not be a candidate in the next election for Leader and Party Leader.

He said that he “assumed full and total responsibility for the election defeat.”

Dr Gonzi in a message to voters said:

“I would like to thank all the people of Malta for their full participation in these elections.

I pledge that my colleagues and I will serve the Maltese people wholeheartedly from the Opposition benches in Parliament. As we have served to the best of our capabilities in Government, we will now do this from Opposition.

I would like to congratulate the Labour Party and its leader, Joseph Muscat, who will now be Prime Minister. He now carries a heavy burden. I look forward to seeing the Nationalist Party cooperate fully with the Labour government in ensuring Malta continues to create new jobs, educate and train our youngsters to the maximum, and that it invests further in health services, while the quality of life improves.

Naturally, I fully respect the vote of all those who have voted Labour, AD or Independent yesterday as well as those who decided to abstain. I accept your decision with humility.

I want to thank all those who have contributed to the Government of Malta and to the Nationalist Party in these last five years with their ideas, efforts and sheer hard work, particularly in these past weeks of campaigning. I have seen many generous and genuine people who have worked very hard and our defeat is certainly not their fault. Huge and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have voted for the Nationalist Party yesterday. My message to all of you is courage; we shall continue to strive to represent you with positive, useful and effective initiatives in Parliament.

This moment is an opportunity for renewal of our party.

I thank the people of Malta for entrusting me with the responsibility of leading the Government over the last nine years.”


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    1. Calleja Lina says:

      Congratulations to the Labour Party for the great victory, especially to the leader Dr Joseph Muscat. I’m sure he knows what he is doing. If I can humbly give one advise or suggestion to our most able Leader….Please keep good relationship and friendship with the Church in Malta and its leaders !
      Good luck for your future work.

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