Muscat has pressed a panic button & put hunters first – PN

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Muscat has pressed the panic button & put hunters first - PNThe PN said this evening that it has “over the past five years worked hard to strengthen our environment and the quality of life of each and every one of us – new family parks were opened, and significant restoration was carried out to embellish Malta’s natural heritage, ensuring Malta can be enjoyed by everyone.”

“But now we’ve been told that Joseph Muscat went ahead and signed an agreement with hunters and trappers in an attempt to secure more votes on Saturday,” PN said. “So Muscat has pressed the panic button and decided to put hunters first whereas the Nationalist Party remained consistent and will not commit to anything which is not in Malta’s national interest.”

PN continued, “we can kiss goodbye to beloved Sunday picnics, early morning weekend walks, and countryside in general as hunters and trappers will start claiming it as theirs, ignoring not only European Union law but also trampling all over you rights. This is just a glimpse of Malta Taghna Lkoll.”

“Joseph Muscat wants to be Prime Minister at all costs, and he is advocating change, but what is this change he is talking about? The hunting issue is one which shows his true colours, and now everyone understand why, when asked in The Times debate about a referendum on hunting, he immediately said he wouldn’t allow one – so much for democracy,” PN concluded.

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