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ADZ: Lowering the voting age ? time to take actionIn a seminar organized by Fondazzjoni Mikiel Anton Vassalli and Forum Zghazagh Laburisti about lowering the voting age Alternattiva Demokratika was represented by two members of its youth wing. Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh – Green Youth had proposed the idea of lowering the voting age in February 2008.

ADZ’s Dirk Urpani explained that Austria was the first country in the European Union to lower its voting age to 16 in every election. The idea there was promoted by the Green Party too. He stressed:”In the future Malta should will follow suit and lower the voting age for all elections. The reduction of the voting age in local elections should be part of a long process which serves to motivate the participation of young people in our democracy.”

Dirk Urpani who participated in the National Youth Parliament said that ADZ feels that although young people may give the impression of being easily swayed by demagogy, in reality this is not so. “This defeatist attitude hinders youth empowerment. Through a well-thought out social studies and civic education programme in secondary schools today’s youth can be helped to devleop an interest in the communitiesd they live in and to participate effectively in the democratic process.

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