More incentives for Gozitan students renting in Malta- PL

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More incentives for Gozitan students renting in Malta- PLThe Labour leader Dr Joseph Muscat, today visited the Gozo University Group stand, at Gozo Week on the University of Malta Campus

Dr Muscat said that a new Government will introduce more incentives to Gozitan students that have to rent accommodation in Malta, providing that they continue in their studies.

He talked with those present about the proposed examinations to be held in Gozo for Gozitan students, to avoid the hassle that these students have to face.

The Labour Leader also said that the PL proposed a faster shipping service between Gozo and Valletta, which would provide a useful service to the students and commuters who have to make the trip on a regular basis.

Dr Muscat spoke about his experience, when on Monday he boarded the 6.00am ferry with Gozitan workers, saying that he understands the hassle and the sacrifices these workers have to make on a daily basis.

Joseph Muscat concluded by praising GUG for raising awareness about the problems faced by Gozitan students during their years of studies.

Also present today were Dr Anton Refalo, Dr. Justyne Caruana, Dr Owen Bonnici and Dr Deborah Schembri.

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    1. C.Portelli says:

      Gozitan students are already beeing given the possibility to sit for exams in Gozo. Dr Muscate please take note.

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