Gozo being marketed as a distinct tourism destination

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Gozo being marketed as a distinct tourism destinationThe Gozo Tourism Association (GTA) held its Annual General Meeting on Friday. The Association represents various operators in the tourism sector on the island of Gozo.

Present for the meeting were the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono and Mario de Marco, Minister for Tourism, Environment and Culture.

The Minister for Gozo said that the Ministry for Gozo “had given its support to the GTA over the past years, with the results now there to see in a strengthening tourism sector in Gozo.”

The Minister explained how over the years several of the initiatives undertaken by the Ministry had resulted in Gozo being established as a destination that has particular characteristics to further enhance the tourism product of the island. “These include the promotion of diving on the island in all seasons, as well as the various infrastructure projects and the implementation of the eco-Gozo action plan.”

“Half a million euros a year is allocated for advertising the specific tourism niches on Gozo, including cruise travel, which strengthens the work of the Ministry.” The Minister continued, “the ongoing collaboration between the Ministry for Gozo, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment and other bodies such as the GTA and the MTA have resulted in strengthening Gozo as a rural tourism destination.

The conference was also addressed by the Minister for Tourism, Culture and Environment, Mario de Marco. He said that “in recent years the Government had been committed to the policy of responsible tourism based on an investment product, accessibility and effective promotion, with four record years out of the last five for visitors to the islands.” The Minister said that “Gozo is being marketed as a distinct tourism destination.”

Minister de Marco also pointed out that the Tourism Policy (2012-2016) recognises the tourism potential of Gozo with a specific and extensive section on the island, because the Government proposes that Gozo deserves initiatives that focus on its unique elements.

“The Government is committed to undertake the proposed Tourism Policy to offer direction for the tourism sector for the coming years, so that the islands continue to build on the positive results of recent years. Therefore further strengthening the economy of this country, while also continuing to create work for the Gozitans and Maltese, as well as further improve improve the quality of life for the people of the islands,” The Minister concluded.

During the conference Mr Paul Scicluna, President and Mr Joe Muscat, CEO of GTA gave an account of the work carried out by the Association throughout the past year, as well as the intended plans for the year ahead.

Among the first of the plans for this year will be to open the booking portal on the website of the GTA http://www.islandofgozo.org/. This will be an important aid for visitors to the site to enable them to book the services required during their holiday in Gozo.

The new Council was also announced for the GTA for the coming year.

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