A Labour Governmernt would work closely with the MUT

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A Labour Governmernt would work closely with the MUTAt a meeting of the Malta Union of Teachers today, the Labour Party Leader Dr Joseph Muscat said that the PL electoral manifesto contained several of the MUT proposals and included them in the electoral manifesto and, if elected, will be implementing them.

Kevin Bonello the MUT President said he was pleased that the MUT’s proposals were adopted by the Labour Party and looked forward to them hopefully being implemented.

The PL Leader, listed some proposals which are designed to assist teachers, among which the sabbatical proposal, through which teachers and other educational grades will have the opportunity to avail themselves of leave with pay in order to further their studies. “A new Government will also ensure that teachers do not lose their salary progression when transferred between Government, Church and Independent Schools,” whilst Dr Muscat again reiterated the point of increasing respect towards teachers and their vital role in society.

The Labour Leader said that the PL looked forward to working closely with the MUT in the future, saying that they would work together on the PL proposals to achieve higher standards, including the building and maintenance of schools as well as more investment on teachers.

Dr Muscat condemened the violence that had taken place against the Union during the 1980’s.

Earlier today Dr Joseph Muscat had visited students at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary in Naxxar where he received a very warm welcome.

The Labour Leader will be visiting Gozo on Saturday. In the evening he will be at Xaghra for a pubic meeting starting at 5pm.

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