The impact of the environment on our children

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The Commissioner for ChildrenThe Office of the Commissioner for Children is inviting the public for a discussion addressing the Environment in Malta and Gozo, and the impact of the current environmental situation on children. This discussion follows the launch of the Manifesto for Children, published earlier this year and presented to the relevant authorities for their implementation. The Manifesto for Children is based on the principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and one of the issues addressed in the Manifesto is the Environment.

The discussion will focus on several issues, and will draw upon recommendations outlining the measures to be taken in the provision of a safe and healthy environment for children. Some EU Directives in this sector currently require further implementation in order for children to benefit more effectively from these instruments. Furthermore, children in Malta also need more child-friendly open spaces, and more access to the countryside and to spaces where they can fully enjoy their right to play. Keeping our beaches clean and safe is also one of the concerns addressed by the Manifesto, as is the urgent need for significant reduction in air and noise pollution.

Ms Karina Fiorini from the Office of the Commissioner for Children will make a brief presentation on the topic, as presented in the Manifesto for Children. Thereafter, those present will be encouraged to put forward their recommendations, in order for a report to be drawn up and presented to the relevant authorities to encourage their implementation. It is in this way that the best interests of the children can be further enhanced.

The discussion will be held on Wednesday the 24th of September 2008, between 17.30 – 19.30pm at The Office of the Commissioner for Children, 469 St. Joseph High Road, Santa Venera. The Office encourages you to attend, share your thoughts, and make your contributions to the discussion. The discussion is open to all, including professionals in the field, members of the public, parents and children. Kindly confirm your attendance for the discussion by calling the Office of the Commissioner for Children on 21485180 during office hours, or via email on

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