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Nature Trust - MaltaNature Trust (Malta) again calls upon MEPA to move on the Marsaxlokk Salt Marsh Nature Reserve – known as il-Maghluq. The reserve has been left abandoned and MEPA has demanded that no restoration works be carried out by Nature Trust (Malta) until a management plan has been approved. NTM calls on MEPA Environment protection Unit to start the ball rolling again on this site and continue with discussions on the management plan before irreversible damage is done. It is the duty of MEPA to save this habitat. In June 2008 NTM issued a PR calling on Mepa to move on the continuation of the discussions of this site so as the management plan can be finalised and approved. Since then, no action or communication has been received

The site, which is of high ecological and scientific importance, has been degrading ever since. Dumping of rubbish, pollution, seeping of nitrates, vandalism, trampling and infestations of pests and alien species have become the order of the day. Alien plants growing unchecked at the site are destroying local vegetation, and the rat population has increased causing an additional health problem to the users of the Bay.

NTM feels that such lack of cooperation from MEPA is the sole factor contributing to further damage to this sensitive site, and is causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents and visitors. MEPA needs to show with concrete action that it is giving the South of Malta its due importance and that it gives priority to the local natural heritage which it is duty bound to do!

NTM also calls on the Prime Minister as the responsible Cabinet Officer for MEPA to intervene so that a way forward can be found to save the environment as per promises made in the last general elections!

Nature Trust (Malta)

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