MHRA welcomes drive against litter louts

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Ta LambertThe Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) Council has said that it is pleased to see the success the joint 10 day pilot project between the Police, MEPA and local wardens to crackdown on littering and dumping in the streets had since its launch.

MHRA added that it welcomes this initiative since it strongly believes Malta’s main asset is our ‘Product’ and any action to put our house in order is welcome both for our sake and those that come to visit us.

Mr Kevin De Cesare president of MHRA said “This is a breath of fresh air and hope that this pilot project eventually be a permanent arrangement between all those concerned to ensure culprits who litter our streets and beaches are brought to book.

Government must support and take every opportunity to invest heavily in this area to ensure cleanliness, reduce noise pollution and upgrading of the product.

It is important that a campaign similar to the one that ran a few years ago on the media is repeated to encourage the public to keep Malta clean. One cannot harp enough on this important issue. Schools should also adopt awareness about this problem to instill in the very young the need to keep our islands clean and thus safeguard our environment in which we live 365 days a year.”

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