AD calls for a full public assessment of fuel leak damage

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Wied Dalam ValleyReacting to the massive spill of thirty-one tons of aviation fuel in Wied Dalam Valley, Alternattiva Demokratika Energy, Industry and Transport spokesperson Ralph Cassar has said that “Enemalta has been too slow to react.”

Mr Cassar added that the Enemalta Chairperson, Alexander Tranter, “has frankly admitted that the corporation did not have an assessment of the environmental damage caused by the spill. It is very important that when accidents happen a full and public assessment into any possible damages in the affected areas is conducted. An extensive spill could seriously contaminate the Maltese aquifer.”

Ralph Cassar, concluded by saying, “Keeping such incidents under wraps for a whole week will only lead to the public loosing their trust in Enemalta and other public institutions. It is very important that in such situations the parties involved are frank and forthcoming with information about the incident to enable a swift and thorough response and damage limitation exercise. It is clear that Enemalta’s procedures need looking into. Alternattiva Demokratika hopes that the dangerous mentality of secrecy is consigned to the past once and for all.”

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