The Malta Transport Reform Action Group condemns the acts of intimidation

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Since Monday, our nation was brought to a standstill due to the action of the Transport Federation. Maltese and International workers and tourists have witnessed the arrogance of the members of the federation who apart from protesting to maintain their monopolies thought that they could disrupt other people’s lives.

The Malta Transport Reform Action Group condemns the acts of intimidation carried out against the drivers who were not taking part in the protests. The federation members should understand that they don’t have the right to stop other people from working.

This protest is another eye opener for the Maltese public. Hotel owners and businesses should by now have realized that the federation members are unreliable. Therefore from now on they should boycott the Transport Federation.

The Government has also its fair share of responsibility. For too many years the Government has been giving in to the Transport Federation’s request. We really hope that the Government will not concede this time too and go forward with the liberalization process which our transport system needs.

The Government should restart the emergency bus system. Soldiers and policemen should be on these buses and arrest all those drivers who try to intimidate the passengers who make use of this service.

No one should be above the law in our country. Everyone has a right to strike but no one should be permitted to cut off our capital city from the rest of the country. If the federation closes St Anne Street or any other road again, the authorities should tow all the taxis parked in the middle of the street and fine their owners.

The Malta Transport Reform Action Group was set up on Monday 14th July 2008 in the wake of the shameful protest organized by the Transport Federation. Over 1000 people have joined our Facebook group in a matter of 24 hours. This alone proves that the Maltese public is fed up with the current state of our public transport system and is fully supportive of the actions taken by the Government.

You can sign up to the group on face book by going to:

The Malta Transport Reform Action Group

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