Red Alert once more at Ramla l-Hamra – AD

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Ramla Bay
In view of the decision, which will be taken by MEPA’s Appeals Board on this coming Friday, the 11th of July, concerning the proposed development at the former Ulysses’ Lodge site, in Ramla Bay, Alternattiva Demokratika’s Spokesperson for Gozo Victor Galea has commented that, “as predicted, the fate of Ramla l-Hamra was to be decided after the last general election. At the same time we are talking about the prospects of turning Gozo into an ecological island thus creating sustainable jobs and quality tourism infrastructure, MEPA, which falls under the portfolio of our Prime Minister, is to decide on the further developments at the former Ulysses Lodge site by the legendary Calypso Cave in Ramla l-Hamra.”

“If the government truly believes that Gozo deserves to be a distinct tourist destination, investing in buying the property and turning it to its original state would be a long term solution for such controversies. Just as the Malta government invested in spending millions of Euros to buy ‘Dar Malta’ in Brussels, the same should be done to create a tourism infrastructure at Ramla l-Hamra combining its geomorphologic features, Roman archaeological remains and the endangered fauna, flora and sand dunes. All these will provide a future of niche market tourism which all Gozitans in general would benefit from.”

“On the other hand, if the Government does not have the courage or willpower to safeguard Gozo, environmental NGOs should be encouraged to set-up a National trust fund in order to do so.”

The Green Party Chairperson Prof. Arnold Cassola concluded by reaffirming that “The island of Gozo does not belong to you, to me or to them – it belongs to all the people of Gozo and their future progeny. We only have it on loan and it is our duty to safeguard it for future generations of Gozitans, Maltese, Europeans and all mankind. Gozo is a world natural heritage, let us not destroy it.”

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