BirdLife persist with unethical procedures and fabricated information – FKNK

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On the eve of the forthcoming Malta Ornis Committee meeting this Thursday and for the umpteenth time (just one very similar doing can be evidenced in a Press Release of the 21st June 2007 – Click here), BirdLife (Malta) representatives on the Ornis Committee chose fit to publicly leak and criticize confidential information regarding the top agenda item of Thursday.

This concerns proposals made by the Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK) primarily for the establishment of the autumn and winter hunting and trapping open seasons and which proposals have been at BirdLife representatives since the 5th instant.

The BirdLife representatives, yet again, are attempting to scaremonger Government through fabrications, by stating that the FKNK proposals are “in direct violation of Malta’s EU Accession Treaty agreement”. Today, everyone is aware that because of other BirdLife fabricated social hatred campaigns and misrepresentation of material facts, Malta’s EU Accession Treaty agreement was violated when this spring Maltese hunters and trappers were prevented from practicing their traditional Maltese socio-cultural passions.

The FKNK now awaits the reactions of the Ornis Committee Chairman with regards to yet again the same BirdLife representatives’ unscrupulous actions. The FKNK further hopes that Government seriously considers representatives integrity when such appointments are made.

The FKNK proposals are NOT in conflict with EU Directives and regulations. The proposals genuinely reflect what is adequate for local conditions and what is now deserved by the Maltese hunters and trappers, following the unjust and unfair hardship these have had to endure in recent years. And the Maltese Government should decisively stand up to BirdLife’s bullying, and have the political backbone to legislate as necessary, and should not be afraid to exercise its right as an EU Member State and apply any derogations from the EU ‘Birds’ Directive since these are essential for the good of its Maltese citizens.

Finally the FKNK hereby states that it will not tolerate any further nonsense from any quarter and it is all set to react.

FKNK Council

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