Fuel surcharge expected to more than double

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Fuel Surcharge
According to a report in todays Sunday Times, the fuel surcharge, which effects both water and electricity prices, is expected to more than double to over 100% in the coming days.

The Sunday Times also said that local analysts are warning that the government may impose a threefold increase in the surcharge if the international oil crisis persists.

This news comes just as we approach a peak time for electricity consumption, with the extended use of airconditioners and fans during the long hot summer period.

It also follows close on the heels of the 10% rise in the price of LRP, unleaded petrol and diesel, along with increases in the price of kerosene and oil, which came into effect on Monday.

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    1. Joseph Caruana says:

      small correction
      Fuel Price in malta expected to reflect at least a bit its true market value.

      In the face of all this price control schemes should aim at regulating waste and helping the ones who will be most affected by it.

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