EU GDP per inhabitant varies from 38% to 276%

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Based on first preliminary estimates for 2007, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per inhabitant expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) varied from 38% to 276% of the average across the EU27 Member States.

GDP per inhabitant was around the EU27 average in 2007 in Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus. Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany and France were between 10% and 30% above the average, while the highest levels of GDP per inhabitant in the EU were registered in Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal and Estonia were between 10% and 30% lower than the EU27 average. Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland were between 30% and 50% lower, while both Romania and Bulgaria were about 60 percent below the EU27 average.

These figures for GDP per inhabitant, expressed in PPS, are published by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities. They cover the 27 EU Member States, the three candidate countries, three EFTA countries and two Western Balkan countries.
EU GDP 2007

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