Ghajnsielem Band Club launch Tile4U scheme

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The St Joseph Band Club of Ghajnsielem has launched a Tile4U scheme which they hope will enable them to collect money to fund the refurbishment work on the Formal Committee Room that is being upgraded to host the Musical Archive.

A board that shows 225 empty boxes is situated in the main entrance hall of the Club. Each box (or tile) represents a part of the marble floor area and are being sold at €20 each. The money raised from the scheme will go to finance the the cost of the floor, which cost in excess of €4500.

Although the scheme was only launched a few days ago, over 20 “tiles” have been sold. Each tile sponsored will have the name and address of the benefactor written on it. Residents of Ghajnsielem who are interested in giving a donation of €20 can call or send an SMS to Kevin Cauchi on 99459426. A member of the committee will be in contact and will collect the donation.

Residents of Ghajnsielem will be invited to view the refurbishment work during an open-day which will take place on Sunday the 24th of August. Various activities and exhibitions are being planned for the event, and the local radio station Radju Lauretana will be transmitting live from the Band Club’s premises.

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