“A Bishop for the People” – Readers Letter

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I am fully aware that I may not be competent to pronounce myself on the prerequisites of a good bishop.

However, I feel convinced that Pope Benedict was enlightened by the Holy Spirit when he nominated Mgr Mario Grech as Bishop for Gozo.

Bishop Grech’s youthful zest and charismatic appeal, together with his openness and humility, all encased within a firm framework of strong religious convictions, make him a people’s bishop and an ideal pastor for a rejuvenated Gozo diocese. His high academic qualifications and juridical experience and wisdom further provide the necessary solid platform under his feet for the administration of his onerous duties.

May Jesus Christ, of whom His Lordship is such an avid admirer, help him to live up to the high expectations every Gozitan entertains of him.

May he also find the support and cooperation of both clergy and laity to help him carry out the mission entrusted to his care.

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