Disappointed to see so much litter in Gozo – Christine Beal

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Please do not litter
As a frequent visitor to Gozo I am disappointed to see so much litter and fast food rubbish lying around, especially in the tourist beach areas such as Xlendi and Marsalforn.

We love Gozo, so please please anyone who also appreciates the uniqueness of this lovely island and reads this, pass on the message – “TAKE THE RUBBISH HOME.”

Christine Beal

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    2 Responses

    1. Jeff Miller says:

      My Dear Christine , You can shout until the cows come home, even better till you are blue in the Face, you’re talking through deaf ears, as such people apparently only clean the inside of their houses, but further out from their door step…..well thats another story..Filth-Filth and more Filth everywhere you tend to look.

      Its a pity really because they are only hurting themselves, not to mention the bad publicity for Gozo,which is a shame really because we are also tourists and like this little island more so then Malta. Alas! Whats that song again: WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN?? intrigues me. Back in my country dropping litter is public offence and heavy fines are in order.

      Only yesterday we were in Mellieha Bay and when the beach boy put up our deck chairs and umbrellas, guess what one great big dog poop was there on the sand for everyone to see and was right under my deckchair, well that spoiled our lunch and nearly ruined our day.

      Please* Please* Please* Look after your country and most of all a bit of respect wouldn’t go amiss.

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Christine, I too am from the UK and like you I love the island of Gozo. My question Christine would be this, ‘Who do you think are mainly responsible for the depositing of litter on Gozo?’

      The answer quite simply are tourists like ourselves. Obviously I’m not including you or myself in this as I assume like me you are a responsible tourist who cleans up. I have however witnessed tourists sunbathing on the rocks at Xlendi and other areas leaving bags of rubbish behind them when there is a bin 12 feet away!

      Like you I would call on everyone to clean up after themselves. We are simply guests on this beautiful island and as such we should treat it with respect.

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