Unique environment created at BOV Gozo Branch for community week

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BOV Gozo Community Week
Bank of Valletta’s branches in Gozo have organized a Community Week during which the Bank has put together a varied programme of events focusing on the unique character of the Gozitan community. The organization of the Community Week involved all the BOV branches in Gozo and was intended to highlight the active role that BOV is playing within the community.

The events organized were linked to the seven pillars of BOV’s Community Programme giving prominence to Gozitan heritage & culture, education, the environment, and the social aspect amongst others.

Tonio Depasquale, the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, paid a visit to the BOV Main Branch as well as the BOV Investments Shop in Victoria.

Together with Jack Thewma, BOV’s Executive Head in Gozo, Mr. Depasquale was shown around an exhibition of stone sculptures that was set up within the BOV Gozo Branch by Gozitan artist Joe Xuereb.

Godwin Cutajar, who is entrusted with the ongoing restoration project being financed by BOV of the Emvin Cremona paintings found at the Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary was also present. He explained, through a photographic display set up at the BOV Branch, the various stages of the restoration project. The photos depicted a number of paintings before and after the restoration.

Mr. Depasquale also had the opportunity to meet Dun Manuel Curmi, Director of the Arka Foundation who visited the Branch on the occasion of the BOV Community Week. A display focusing on the services offered by the Arka Foundation was also set up, highlighting the regular support that BOV offers to this Foundation.

During the visit, Mr. Depasquale met with all the staff at the Victoria branch and at the BOV Investments Shop and congratulated them for the success registered during the activities they organized during the BOV community week. He said that these events have helped to consolidate BOV’s role as the Bank that is focused on playing an active role within the communities in which it operates.

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