Recording of Radju Lauretana’s first radio play

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Radju Lauretana?s first Radio Play
Radju Lauretana is currently recording a documentary drama “Ghajnsielem u l-Poplu Tieghu”, an excellent story penned by Lino Grech and based on Joe Scicluna’s thesis “Ghajnsielem: A Study of a Village”.

This play was staged way back in January 2000 and was welcomed by all those who had the opportunity of watching the show. Now this historical play is being recorded to be aired on Radju Lauretana in August. The task is not easy, especially when considering the length of the three-act play, the participation of over 40 people and the editing process. However a great deal of enthusiasm is making the job easier.

All the participants are looking forward towards an excellent production which looks at the history of the village intertwined with that of the parish. The radio play answers several questions, including, What is the origin of the name Ghajnsielem? How did it evolve over the years? What about the setting of Ghajnsielem Parish? Who were the pioneers? What was the spirit behind all happenings?

The efforts being made promise a high level production. The radio play is being dedicated to the late Joe Scicluna, a qalbieni who loved his town home dearly, if he were still alive he would have surely been part of Radju Lauretana’s crew.

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