BOV shares its financial services expertise with DegreePlus University students

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DegreePlus Programme
Bank of Valletta has shared its financial services expertise with University students through a lecture organised through the collaboration between Bank of Valletta and the University of Malta for the DegreePlus Programme. Bank of Valletta is the sole sponsor of the DegreePlus Programme.

Simon Azzopardi, Relationship Manager at BOV’s Corporate Centre gave a hands-on presentation to students subscribed to the Entrepreneurship stream. During his lecture, Mr Azzopardi gave an overview of the variables one is to consider when seeking business finance. These aspiring entrepreneurs received practical insight into the myths and hurdles they would be facing in a few years’ time when they would be taking their first steps in the business world, as they try to transform a business idea into a viable operation.

Students were also provided with feedback regarding the Bank’s role in assisting entrepreneurs, with particular reference to the Bank’s risk assessment methods and the tools available to assist customers so that they are in control of their finances.

Following Mr. Azzopardi’s presentation, Prof. Albert Caruana, Professor of Marketing at the University of Malta, highlighted the scope behind the Degreeplus programme, which is a first in many respects. “The tag line ‘More than you’d credit!’ says it all. Launched this year, the programme sets out to provide students with the opportunity to boost their academic studies with additional practical skills and experiences that enrich their character and employability, whilst providing a more holistic approach to education in a fun environment,” said Prof. Caruana.

Further details about the DegreePlus Programme are available on

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