72 participants complete language courses held in Gozo

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72 participants complete language courses held in Gozo72 participants have attended foreign language courses, coordinated by the Ministry for Gozo, with the main objective of strengthening their ability in the spoken language and helping to improve their work skills

These courses were part of the project of Training Courses to Increase Prospects of Employment and Adaptability of Workers with an investment of € 47,000, of which 85% was co-financed by European Social Fund. The participants spent 70 hours learning one of four languages in French, Italian, Spanish and German.

The Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono met with the course participants and presented them with certificates of attendance. She congratulated all the participants and their teachers, who had contributed in the end results. The Minister explained that the work of the Ministry for Gozo, in education and lifelong learning was always ongoing, with proposals to increase the assistance from European Union funds, which would therefore also increase the learning opportunities and training to further improve human resource skills for Gozo.

The Minister also referred to European funds obtained by the Ministry for Gozo through which 19 participants received a Diploma in Commerce. She added that through an investment of more than € 220,000, 28 participants are currently also taking courses for a BA in Economics at the University Gozo Campus.

“This is in addition to six nurses following a course in Clinical Nursing Practice-related services in the Emergency department, which is followed by audiovisual conference facilities at the University Gozo Campus.

The General Hospital in Gozo will also have completed facilities in video conferencing whereby nurses and other hospital workers will be able to follow similar courses being given at Mater Dei,” the Minister said.

The Minister concluded by saying that through other EU funding a number of courses will begin covering different aspects of medical care and managegment at a cost of €250,000.

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